Students with qualifications as master calligraphers

Congratulations!!!  Master Calligraphers

Koshu’s students, Ayako was awarded the master’s qualification in pen calligraphy in May 2016, and Lorant was awarded the master’s qualification in brush calligraphy in February 2017!!


Student Master Calligraphers:

Koshu’s students have started taking the Japanese calligraphy grading exams through the Bunka Shodo-Gakkai (based in Tokyo) since 2012. Today 23 students have joined the brush lettering calligraphy category, and 8 students have entered the pen lettering calligraphy category, working hard towards various grades. 9 of them are already “Dan” grade holders. It is challenging especially to those who are non-Japanese speakers, but Koshu has been supporting her students, challenging them and pushing their potential.

紅秋の教室では、2012年より東京の文化書道学会を通し、検定試験を始めました。現在では毛筆部門に23名、硬筆部門に8名が登録し真剣に取り組んでいます。そのうち現在9名が有段者です。 言葉の壁は大きくかなりのチャレンジですが、師範を目指す生徒の想いに答えられるよう、真剣に取り組みサポートをしています。