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Akemi Lucas was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan in 1967.

1975: At the age of eight, she started to learn Japanese Calligraphy under the guidance of Mr Seizan Fujimoto at Hounan Art School.

1982: At the age of fifteen, she became a member of Japanese Bunka Calligraphy School in Tokyo and studied the Style of Mr Goseki Nishiwaki. There, she attained a high standard in brushwork.

1991: Akemi completed the curriculum, qualifying as a Calligraphy Teacher specialising in Brushwork. She was given the Calligrapher name "KOSHU" by Mr Seizan Fujimoto. Soon after Koshu staged her first solo exhibition in Japan.

1992: Set up her own school "The Dream House". There, she started Koshu Calligraphy Class and taught both adults and children. At the same time, she studied both Nanga (painting with coloured inks) and Suibokuga (painting with black ink) at Kansai Nanga College in Osaka.

1993: Studied the special skill of Certificate Form Writing at Japan Calligraphy Kigo College in Tokyo, and following year she awarded the highest qualification as a Calligraphy Teacher specialising in Certificate Writing.

1994: Studied Seal Carving and Traditional Scroll Framing at Hounan Art School.

1997: Studied Pen Writing at Japan Bunka College in Tokyo, and following year, qualified as a Calligraphy Teacher specialising in Pen Writing. As well as teaching, she also produced various kinds of certificates for Japan Nokyo Printing Company.

Over the years, Koshu has created her own distincitive style of calligraphy and has exhibited at several galleries in Japan. She has been working as a Japanese Calligrapher in England since 2001.

2001: At East Surrey College, she started to teach "Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy and Art".

2002: Opened Koshu Calligraphy Class at her own home in Caterham. Koshu's solo exhibition in February in 2004 "Sincerely From The Heart" which marked a turning point in her career.
Mr Seizan Fujimoto always supported Koshu wherever she was living, and in the summer 2004, he gave her his last lesson. Before he died, he taught her Modern Framing and he told her "Akemi, you have learnt everything from me now. I am so proud of you."
Koshu is still following his pass way to keep in her seaching "Trust and Beauty".

2011 Oct Held Koshu's Students Exhibition At the Miller Centre in Caterham. "Japanese Calligraphy and Painting Art Exhibition". Also she did workshop of calligraphy and also Japanese Greeting cards making workshop.

2013 Nov: Koshu Solo Japanese Art Exhibition was help at the Frameless Gallery in London.
Exhibiting Calligraphy, and also Brush Painting art work, as well as her Seal Collection.

2014 17th-20 July : Koshu joined ART in ACTION in Oxfordshire, where she exhibited her artwork and also did demonstration.

2014 20 Sep : Koshu did one day workshop in Kent for Cinque Ports Scribes Organisation.

2014 1&2 Nov : Koshu joined ANIFEST in Canterbury, demonstration, workshop.

2016 9th-13th May: Koshu help her students' Exhibition at the Bourn Hall in Epsom.

2016 14th-17th July: Koshu joined ART in ACTION in Oxfordshire, where she exhibited her artwork and did demonstration.

2016 27th Oct - 6th Nov: An Exhibition of the art of Koshu as completed 110 Anniversary Events in important cultural property former British consulate in Shimonoseki, Japan. Koshu help 7 workshops during her exhibition.

Koshu teaches at her studio in Camberley since 2012, and at the United Reformed Church in Caterham. She also runs one day workshop of calligraphy, Sumi-painting and Seal making in Camberley and Caterham.