One day sumi-painting workshop, 2019


Koshu Sumi-painting workshop at Koshu studio in Camberley & United Reformed Church in Caterhem

< Autumn Course 2019>

  • 10th November, Sunday 10;30-3;10pm (In Camberley)
  • 24th November, Sunday 10;30-3;10pm (In Camberley)


< Spring Course 2019>

  • 13th January, Sunday 10;30-3;10pm (In Camberley)
  • 10th February, Sunday 10:30-3;10pm ( In Camberley)
  • 3rd March, Sunday 10:30-3;10pm (In Camberley
  • 16th March, Sunday 10;30-3;00pm (In Caterham)


< Winder Course 2018 >

  • 25th November, Sunday 10:30-3;10pm (In Camberley)
  • 2nd December, Sunday 10;30-3;10pm (In Camberley)


< Summer Course 2018>  

  • 1st July, Sunday 10;30am- 3:10 pm  (In Camberley)
  • 5th August, Sunday 10;30am- 3;10pm (In Camberley)


< Spring Course 2018 >

  • 28th January, Sunday 10;30am-3.10pm   (In Camberley)
  • 25th February, Sunday 10;30am-3:10pm  (In Camberley)
  • 24th March, Sunday 10;30am-3;00pm   (In Caterham Calligraphy & Sumi-painting )
  • 29th April, Sunday 10;30-3;10pm (In Camberley)  


Please contact Koshu with your requests.

Please look at the links below, the latest workshops



: £45.00  (+cost of papers £1.00 and ink £1.00 if you need)

(Cancelation fee £20.00 applies from 3 days before,  £40.00 on that day)


*Please contact for further details and requests.

*Please bring your own lunch.