Up coming events in 2021

  Up coming event

Koshu : Up Coming Events in 2021

< Domestika online Sumi painting course will be released in Summer 2021!! >

If you are interested in taking Koshu’s Sumi painting online course, please keep eye on it.  I will update the information!

Filming of the Course : https://fb.watch/4JxWT9LHJ1/


< Koshu online workshops hosted by Hyper Japan 2021 > 

Keep checking the page “Sumi painting workshop” “Calligraphy workshop” page for more online courses hosted by HyperJapan

*Due to the coronavirus, following events were postponed.


< Ballet show in Georgia : “INK RAIN” Calligraphy  16th April 2020 >

At Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre

Calligraphy and Ballet (Koshu’s demonstration on the stage, as well as exhibition of her artworks)


<Hanami Festival at Blogdale Collection-Charity in Kent 18th & 19th April 2020>

Demonstration and workshop.

Details will be informed soon.


<Hyper Japan Summer 2020>  

Although the event was canceled, Koshu’s Sumi painting & Calligraphy workshops were held online:-


25th July 2020: Sumi painting workshop “Bamboo”


23rd August 2020 : Sumi painting workshop “Ires”


19th Sep 2020 : Calligraphy workshop “Forever” & “Ambition”
17th Oct 2020 : Sumi painting workshop “Orchid”
21st Nov 2020 : Calligraphy workshop “One focused mind” & “Zen”


<Chiddingstone Castle Event 16th August 2020> Postponed…


Details will be informed soon.


<Group Exhibition, on Papers from 19th August to 31st August 2020> Postponed…

At the Brick Lane Gallery

216 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA