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Online lessons are available

For details on upcoming workshops, please visit the page “Upcoming events

Online Sumi painting course on Domestika: Course 1 and Course 2



1. 毛筆 Brush Calligraphy (5 Different Styles) (option for grading)
2. 硬筆 Pen Calligraphy (5 Different Styles) (option for grading)
3. 揮毫 Advanced Calligraphy (Certificate forms)
4. 水墨画 Brush Painting (sumi-painting)
5. 篆刻 Seal Making (designing and carving)


<Regular Class Fee>

Adults for 2 hours : £22.00 per lesson (private :£55.00)

Students for 2 hours : £20.00 per lesson

Children for 1 hour : £10.00 per lesson


<One day workshop: calligraphy, sumi-painting, or seal making >

Adults for 4 hours : in-person £50.00, ` Online £47.00

Adults for 3 hours : in-person £40.00, Online £37.00

Children for 2 hours : in-person £24.00, Online £22.00

* extra cost of paper & ink (£2.00), Seal stone (£3-£6) for seal making


For details of upcoming workshops, please visit the “Events” – “Upcoming Events” page.

Camberley Class / Online Class (Every week)


Monday Adults 10:00-12:00

Monday Adults 14:00-16:00 (currently no class)

Monday Children. 17:10-18:00

Monday Students/Adults 19:30-21:30

Tuesday Adults 10:00-12:00 (currently no class)

Wednesday Adults 19:30-21:30 (currently no class)

Thursday Adults 10:00-12:00

Thursday Adults 13:00-15:00

Thursday Students 17:00-18:30

Thursday Adults 19:30-21:30

Saturday Adults 10:00-12:00

Sunday Adults. 09;30-11:30 (every two weeks)

Sumi painting special training course

In person 3 years course: Second and fourth Tuesday 10;30-13;00

Online 3 years course : Second Saturday and fourth Sunday 13:00-16;00


 Course 1, brush calligraphy

for adults

Regular calligraphy classes, 2 hours long, taking place every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for both in-person and online.  Each student works at their own pace to learn up to 5 different writing styles.  From time to time, working on their own projects with their chosen words and paintings.

Course 1, brush calligraphy

for children

Regular calligraphy classes for students 6 to 15 years old, 50 minutes long, taking place every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for both in-person and online lessons. Each student begins with the basic techniques and works at their own pace.


Course 2, pen calligraphy

for adults

Regular pen writing classes, taking place every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Students learn 5 different writing styles, used in pen calligraphy.


Course 3, advanced Calligraphy for adults

Certificate writing

A course specialised for writing certificate forms, for advanced students who have achieved 5 different writing styles.  Students learn the specific techniques and different layouts for different certificate forms.


Grading challenge,

for brush and pen calligraphy

Students undertaking courses 1 or 2 have an option to take part in grading after registering at the Bunka Shodo Gakkai in Tokyo in Japan. If students pass the 3rd Dan grading, they become qualified as either a calligraphy/ pen-writing teacher.


Course 4, Sumi-painting workshop for adults

Workshops for Sumi-painting are arranged for both in-person and online lessons. The subject of the paintings and the date can be requested. The workshop lasts around 3-4 hours, and equipment is provided if required for the in-person lesson. The course is available for students of any ability.

Course 5, seal-making workshop

for adults

Workshops for seal making are arranged monthly in Camberley, and last for 4-5 hours. The date of the workshop can be requested. This course involves designing and carving your own seal. Each class has a maximum of 8 students.

Workshop in requested location

(Calligraphy, Sumi-painting, & Seal making)

Workshops can be arranged in requested location, events, or schools with a minimum of five students. This can be for calligraphy, sumi-painting or seal making.


Sumi painting online course

By Domestika

Koshu’s Sumi painting online course for beginners is launched! Please look at the link :


  • A-1 : Tsuketate Fude L £29.00
  • A-2 : Tsuketate Fude M £ 25.50
  • A-3 : Tsuketate Fude S £ 22.00
  • B     : Koshu Fude  £15.00
  • C-1 : Sakuyou Fude  £13.00
  • C-2 : Mensou Fude £9.00

(Plus postage. Please contact Koshu directly for details)


Ink, Cloth, Paper
  • D : Ink £6.00
  • E : Cloth with lines £4.00 (for calligraphy)
  • F : Cloth Plain £3.20
  • G : Good papers (Gasen) 20 sheets £2.00
  • H : Practice papers 100 sheets £6.00
  • <Plus postage. please contact for details>


Backing paper,  Pocket file

I : Backing paper (10 sheets) £8.00

J : Pocket files B4 size (10 pockets ) £3.00

(plus postage)