Heart of the flower


“Heart of the Flower” depicts the Lotus flower: a life that grows out of muddy water. Despite its unfavourable, murky origins , the Lotus Flower blooms above the water as a pure, beautiful, and delicate flower. This artwork portrays the ability to nurture purity and faithfulness even in times or places of darkness, whilst also embodying the spiritual enlightenment that comes with understanding this natural phenomenon. It teaches that whatever happens in life, you should never forget the resilience and strength in the heart of the lotus flower…


Koshu’s teacher adamantly encouraged her to produce this artwork when she was given her title as a calligraphy teacher. However, she never fully understood why or this painting’s importance until now. After 40 years of holding her brush, she finally realised her teacher’s intention and teaching behind this piece which is written above. Now, every time she holds her brush, she is reminded to remain pure and truthful to herself in order to produce art beautifully. And with this mindset, she was able to create this piece whilst picturing the pure petals of the lotus flowers and using her Hakufu method.


Artwork size: h 82 x w 52 cm  (Framed with Japanese handmade papers)

Price: £4200.00



紅秋が雅号を受理した時に、亡師が想いを込めて渡した言葉である。筆を持ち始め40年の歳月が過ぎ、紅秋の人生の道を通して、ようやく師の想いを理解する。 その心で、清らかな蓮の花びらをイメージし、紅秋の白浮技法でもう一度書き上げた作品である。


作品のサイズ:高さ82 x 幅52 cm  (額装:和紙アーティストの和紙を使用)

価格:63万円 (£4200.00)