Eternal love encloses us from everywhere. From the inner core of the Universe to the outer layer of the Universe. From the past, and from the future. The love we endure now is the love we feel now. The love I felt then has been expressed through this piece.

Appreciating the love you were given, feeling joy for giving your love, then which connect people to people and bring harmony and peace.

With Koshu’s Hakufu Method

Framed size: h 220 x w 138 cm

Price: £6000.00

宇宙の どこからとも無く届く果てしない愛、過去から未来から 時を越え届く人々からの愛、ぎゅっと抱きしめて触れて感じる愛。



額込みのサイズ:h220  x w138  cm

価格:90万円 (£6000.00)