The moment I connected to the light



“The moment I connected to the light”

When lost in darkness, you slowly lose faith, hope, and the ability to love yourself. You spend time wandering looking for the light.
But the hardest times are the gifted times that you must face,
for it won’t be long till you will find the light.
Once you do, your soul will become one with the light,
leading you to a new path in your life,
leaving the darkness behind and the past behind.
In fact, it is the moment of realization; the moment you discover your inner-self.


Artwork size : 35 x 66 cm

Price : £700.00


暗闇に迷い込むと、信じる心や希望を抱く心、自分自身を愛する心を失う。 しかし、光はきっと見つかるはず。 心が光と繋がるそのとき、暗闇と過去から抜け出し、その光が道しるべとなってくれる。 心の奥にある自分自身を見いだし、自分の中にある光を感じる事ができる 。