Sumi Painting Workshops

Join Koshu’s Sumi Painting workshops online or in-person for a unique opportunity to learn this ancient Japanese art form. They are suitable for beginners to practiced painters.

Online workshops take place every 3rd Sunday of the month and are open to up to 25 students. The theme of the workshop is announced a month in advance, information can be found on the events page or contact Koshu to sign up for the monthly newsletter and receive updates on upcoming workshops.

For a more personalised experience, join our in-person workshops at Koshu’s studio, limited to 5-6 students. In-person workshops can also be arranged at a requested location, i.e., for events, at schools or university sites, or personal gatherings (minimum 5 students). Details on group workshop fees can be found here.


Adults (4 hours)
£50 (in-person)/ £47 (online)
Adults (3 hours)
£40 (in-person)/ £37 (online)
Adults (2 hours)
£30 (in-person)/ £27 (online)
*Additional cost for paper and ink if needed

For students interested in, but unable to attend the online workshops, you can purchase the video recording for £30 (for a 3-hour workshop). You will be given access for 2 weeks, so you can watch and learn at your own pace.

Cancellation Policy – If you cancel your attendance within 3 days prior to the workshop date, the full fee will be charged. For cancellation of online workshops, you will be given access to the content through a video recording of the workshop.



From 2020 to 2022, Koshu collaborated with Hyper Japan to organise monthly online Sumi Painting workshops. A few highlights include: