Koshu Exhibition “Heart of the flower” in Japan

Koshu Solo Exhibition in Japan “Heart of the lotus flower”, Oct-Nov 2016

During the 27th of October to the 6th of November 2016, Koshu was invited to have an exhibition as part of the completed 110th anniversary event, in the important cultural property of the former British Consulate in Shimonoseki, Japan. Her exhibition was titled ‘Heart of the Flower’, centered about her artwork ‘The Lotus Flower’ dedicated to admiring the symbolic life of the Lotus flower, a life that is nurtured in muddy water yet with time blooms above the water as a pure delicate flower, embodying spiritual enlightenment. Her teacher was determined for her to complete this artwork, yet she never understood it’s significance till the exhibition. With 40 years of holding her brush, she finally understood her teachers message: with all hardships in life, never forget the heart of the lotus flower. This exhibition marked a great turning point in her journey.

Visitors greatly admired her work, leading to her appearance on six TV stations, three newspapers, and the radio. She finished her exhibition by contributing her artwork ‘Time’ to the former British Consulate




〜どんな苦境の中でも蓮の花の心を忘れないように〜 英国にて日本の芸術、文化の輪の拡大に貢献する女性書道家、紅秋(ルーカス明美)、書道家紅秋の初作品『心花』は紅秋が雅号を受理した時に亡師が想いを込めて渡し言葉である。〜濁った泥の中にうまれながら、それでも清らかで美しい花を咲かせる蓮の花のように、どんな苦境の中でも蓮の花の心を忘れないように〜と。