“Tokugawa & the masters” in Georgia 2018

“Tokugawa & the Masters” In Georgia 22nd-25th October 2018

Japanese Embassy in Georgia hosted an special event “Tokugawa & the Masters” from 22nd October starting at Georgian National Museum for 4 days.

15th Head of Mito Tokugawa Shognate family, Mr Norimasa Tokugawa, and well-known Porcelain artist, Mr Kakiemon Sakaida (15th) and tea ceremony master Mrs Naoko Matsudaira are specially invited from Japan and Koshu as calligrapher from the UK for this event.

栃ノ心で知られるジョージアは親日に大変力を入れており、今回日本大使館主催で、「Tokugawa & Masters」が開催されました。


Koshu did her demonstrations for 4 days:-
22 Oct : at the Opening ceremony at the Georgian National Museum.
23 Oct : at the Georgian State Museum of Folk and Applied Art.
24 Oct : at the National Botanical Garden of Georgia. 
25 Cot : at the National Center of Manuscripts


You can look at the page of Japanese Embassy here :- ( click “English”) 日本大使館からのご案内:


Opening ceremony at the national museum on Georgian TV:-


Articles of the opening ceremony: –https://www.facebook.com/126071207555510/posts/1080695835426371/


The second day’s event at the Georgian Crafts Museum:-


The third day’s event at the National Botanical Garden of Georgia :-