“Will Adams Festival” Gillingham Park in Kent.

Will Adams Festival at Gillingham Park in Kent

William Adams, known in Japanese as Miura Anjin was an English navigator who, in 1600, was the first of his nation to teach Japan during a fine-ship expedition for the Dutch East India Company.

The festival celebrates the life of Will Adams, who grew up in Gillingham during the Tudor period before becoming an experienced sailor in the Royal Navy.

  • Taiko meantime drumming
  • Martial Arts
  • Living history
  • Storytelling
  • Japanese Calligraphy and Bonsai


Koshu did her demonstration and also her students who is Dan holders (high level) helped the visitors to taste Japanese calligraphy.






This stunning Cowden Japanese Garden were renovated by a professor Fukuhara from Osaka University of Arts and his team.

Koshu did her demonstrations and also ran Sumi-painting workshops for 2 days.

It was on the local news paper: –