Publication of Koshu’s first book “Love and Dream”

Publication of Koshu’s first book “Love and Dream”

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The Author and Artist. Koshu (Akemi Lucas), has a lineage that very few Master Calligraphers in Japan have; she was taught by Master Seizan Fujimoto, who was a named student of the famous Master Kakudo Arita, who was a named student of the famous master, Kaikaku Niwa, whom followed the historically well-known Calligrapher of the Meiji period, Meikaku Kusakabe. In addition, her art carries a poetic message that is integral to her fresh innovative style, evoking inspiration and admiration to many viewers. Her art expresses a sentimental message where life experiences and fundamental values are expressed in the form of calligraphy. For instance, values such that we as humans evolve around “Love”, “Harmony”, and “Sincerity” etc. With her understanding of what humanity is, she shares the universal and profound realisations with others through her art. This is Koshu’s message: “This book expresses the gratitude I feel to all those I have met in the past, present and those who I am going to meet in the future. With this, the title “Love and Dream” has connotations to appreciating the love you are given, and the appreciate the love you can give. I hope that this feeling can be shared to you through my artwork.


From Mr S.H: This is the perfect book for student calligraphers and masters. The life story and examples of her word brought me to tears. She has such a talent we are so lucky to be able to see this book full of her wonderful and varied art. Whether you are an artist or art lover this is five star must buy, it will touch you and open your heart and mind like it did for me, Koshu Japanese Art Calligraphy, love and dream is just fab!

From Mrs K.F. J: The poems are inspirational and I was particularly interested in her journey. She has faced a great deal of adversity in her life journey. Although I’m not fully conversant with calligraphy, after reading what her master tutor told her about feeling the expression and movement, I understood how this ties together. The symbolic representation of words are universal and Koshu has managed to touch a chord with each sweeping brushstroke. In this book, you will find rhythm, motion, balance and a harmonic balance between form and words. Love and Dream is exactly that and you won’t be disappointed. A strong recommendation to all wordsmiths and artists out there, this book is a must!

From Mrs T.B: A simply beautiful book. Even in print, this art is rich and very moving. Isn’t it strange that although I can’t read what the lettering says, even without the captions, the characters transcend language and I can appreciate it. As if each brush stroke is imbued with the meaning of the piece. It’s like listening to opera – even if you don’t understand the words, the music and the passion in the voice is so powerful that each note resonates within you. Wonderful.

From Mrs S. J: This is a beautifully presented book of images and autobiography accompanied by both Japanese and English text. Koshu traces her professional lineage directly back to Meikaku Kusakabe (1838-1922) “named as the Father of Modern Japanese Calligraphy” in the Meiji Period. Her respect for her own teacher, Seizan Fujimoto (1919-2004) – who after 16 years of intense study gifted her with her artist’s name of Koshu (Red Autumn) – comes through clearly in the autobiographical part of the book as does her commitment to her art through the considerable personal travails that she shares so movingly. The style of writing is itself at times poetic, delicate and yet unequivocal. The first part of the book reproduces artwork that is deeply rooted in the skill of the masters who went before – see page 7: “A Thousand Chinese Characters” repeated in three different styles – as well as many pieces which were created by her own use of contemporary techniques and expression. One senses the intensity and freedom that comes from the firm grounding of the academic which allows this artist’s brush “to gracefully dance on the surface of the paper”. All in all these pages give the reader not only an opportunity to see these thought provoking art works but also allows a glimpse into the culture and visual poetry of Japanese Calligraphy through the eyes of a 21st century master of the craft. I am so glad I have this inspiring book to hand …

From Mrs C G: Koshu’s book is a compilation of ideas, poems, images, calligraphy, art masterpieces, storytelling, inspiration and pearls of wisdom. Having visited Koshu’s exhibition in Farringdon last year (2013), this books keeps me in touch with the emotions and feelings I experienced back then. Every word / art / image resonates and her artistic/life philosophy transpires through every page. Thank you for this beautiful book, it is one of those books that you go back to every time, when life throws you questions that are hard to answer and every time, you find a symbolism or guidance to what the next steps should be. Truly inspiring and precious!